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  • Wine Making & Wine Tasting

    Unique Wine Making Experience now at Grand Solmar.

    Our F&B Manager and Sommelier will guide you through a magnificent vocational experience by learning how to make wine.


    Chocolate Truffles

    Dark chocolate truffles filled with tamarind, white chocolate truffle filled bayleis cream, white chocolate truffles filled with coffee and dark chocolate truffles with toasted almonds.


    Fruit Platter

    Fruit Platter, Two Apple, Two Pear, Two Peach Six Strawberries and Banana.


    Lemon Tarts

    Mini lemon tarts with Italian meringue.


    Mexican Candies

    Two Tamarind tamale candy, two coconut flag candy two coconut milk candy, two caramel candy and two peanut candy.


    Cup Cakes

    Cup cakes, blue berry, orange, lemon and chocolate.


    Assorted Nigiris

    Two fresh tuna nigiris, two salmon nigiri and two shrimp nigiri.


    Guacamole and Beer

    Fresh guacamole with pico de gallo and four beers at your choice.


    Homemade Macarons

    Lemon and orange macarons filled with Bayleys cream.


    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

    White and dark chocolate dipped strawberries.


    Champagne & Dipped Strawberries

    Bottle of Moët & Chandon and covered strawberries Chocolate.


    Assorted Sushi Platter

    Assorted sushi with shrimp, salmon, tuna, avocado, masago and mango.


    Assorted Fresh Salsas

    Fresh and delicious sauces, Mexican, Green, Ranchera sauce and crispy tortilla chips


    Ceviche Trio

    Shrimp ceviche marinated with lemon, oregano, onion, and habanero chile, fish ceviche marinated with lemon, onion, tomato, coriander, and catsup, Scallops Ceviche marinated with lemon, spinach, cilantro, basil and parsley.


    Chickpea Hummus

    Delicious chickpea Hummus with crisp carrot sticks, cucumber, jicama and homemade pita bread.


    Mexican Snacks

    Almonds roasted with cajun, green and black olives flavored with Mexican herbs, roasted pumpkin seeds with lemon, salt and chili powder.


    Cheese Platter

    Blue Cheese, Brie, Swiss Cheese, Goat Cheese with fine herbs, Cheddar raspberries, toasted pumpkin seeds and toasted almonds with cajun